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We offer business consulting services

We develop feasibility studies based on complex marketing, commercial, technical, management and financial analyzes of the investment objective. We analyze the viability of a business idea and determine what investments are needed to make this idea a profitable business. We consider the investment objective as a dynamic and open system of production and marketing of goods and services. MTD consultants provide the expertise needed to identify the existing issues, solutions for them and their implementation method

We provide advice on the development of new or existing business plans. MTD consultants guide you through the process of developing the necessary documentation and planning the development stages of the company. A business plan will contain: summary, business description, managerial team, product and / or service presentation, market analysis, investment description, business strategy, and financial forecasts

MTD develops market studies tailored to the needs of each customer. We provide a pertinent demand and supply analysis, identify potential competitors and their commercial policy, determine the market segment, buyers’ profile, motivations and limitations. We take into account the political, economic, social and technological factors to avoid any risk in the company’s development.

We establish a communication bridge between the company and the consumers, between the market and the internal environment. We provide the necessary information to improve marketing strategies and plans and to reduce any risk. A marketing study will include: price analysis, communication analysis, e-marketing analysis, customer analysis, competition analysis, product or service analysis, market analysis.

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